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LE KIWANO : Artist on oh joséphine, Art Concept Store

Vincent Simart aka LeKiwano. Born on 15 June 1986 in Arras. Inspired by his 2 painter grandfathers, he began to draw quickly, filling drawing notebooks that only he could understand. At the end of the 3rd year, he decided to take the artistic path and tried the ESAAT competition in Roubaix (Higher School of Applied Arts and Textiles). ESAAT allows Vincent to learn the basics of drawing, the different conventional techniques. 3 years that strengthened his passion.

He obtained the Level III diploma of graphic designer in 2009. In 2018 Vincent decided to create a micro-company in the field of graphic design in order to open up to other requests and to be challenged by real customers.

He makes a first drawing (utopian universe) in black and white and publishes it on his social networks. The craze is there! The public appreciates. He therefore continued to produce for him at first, until orders were placed on him.

Vincent evolves from black and white to color, allowing to spread a message of joy, well-being and to find an artistic approach divided into 4 parts:

. It's time to take the time

. Color to bring joy

. We are as we are

. Nature is important

Today, Vincent realizes his art both on small format (canvases, drawings ...) and on different supports (mailboxes, shoes, planters ...) or walls.