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  ALAVI : Artist on oh joséphine, Art Concept Store

Self-taught, Alavi creates in spontaneity to capture an energy, the singularity of the moment and ephemeral poetry.

This freedom, inherited from Art Brut, gives a leading role to sensitivity and subjectivity.

In permanent research, she tries different media, subjects and subjects.

Alavi is particularly moved by the simplicity and strength of what springs and grows. The elements and all that is elementary inspire her as well as the inner movements of beings, intimately linked to the former.

She is penetrated by the rhythm and effectiveness of haikus – Japanese poems in three movements and seventeen syllables – which she writes as much as she paints them.

The strength of the subtle suggestion fascinates and guides her, as in this series of watercolors delivering a bare and raw trunk in which we would perceive the pulsating plant.

For "Oh Josephine", Alavi presents watercolors that capture the moment.