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BEN BONART : Artist on oh joséphine, Art Concept Store

My art is a combination of luck and deliberation. I invite viewers to get lost in the imagery – to look into a world that evokes joy.

My process is dynamic, interactive and extensive, creating an impact that delights the eye and ignites the mind. My art works with elements to connect and enhance a larger space, whether it's a product, a bedroom, a garden, or a block.

Color, shape and light meet, creating something new and better.

I start with movement by playing with materials, alert to what sparks my interest, always a surprise, and then, translate my excitement into a feast for the viewers.

I am looking for an answer "aaaah", neither too much nor shy. My paintings have evolved through my observation of various expressions of beauty: from natural and human wonders, from flower petals to stars reflected in a river below, to lines at the edge of urban buildings.

I absorb the energy around me and transmit it to others through my work.

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