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an interview with the artist Cristina Rodriguez

Oh joséphine - an interview with the artist Cristina Rodriguez

Publié le 2022-02-07 13:37:16

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Joséphine- Cristina, when did you know art would take a major role in your life?

Cristina- When I began to create my first exhibition, ( that was also my degree show, in 1987 ) https://www.cristina-rodriguez.com/exhibitions/pictures-at-an-exhibition/CR87-01.php

I knew in my heart that painting was my purpose in life and I was going to dedicate the rest of my life to the art of painting.
I also decided  that I was only going to live financially from selling my work without compromising my vision.It was a moment of epiphany.
Now, in 2022, I can say full of pride and amazement that my promises to my young self have been fulfilled.

Joséphine- You have travelled the world... And still today, Latine American culture inspire you most. How would you explain this?

Cristina- We all have so many things in common.We may be different in our color of skin, in our culture, in our approach to life but we all share the same:

A spirit inside a human body.
We all have longings and fears and hopes. 
We all have the possibility to be the best of ourselves, to rise high and find joy in our particular lives.
After travelling so much, I have understood that color and stories are part of all cultures, the eskimos, the indian americans, the africans, the indians every where.We all need to express
our lives through dance, verbally and through color.
I was born in a very place with a  very strong sense of stories and color and this is part of my DNA.I remember Fernando Botero, the great colombian artist saying that the more personal an experience, the more
universal it is.
I remember, when I had my exhibition under the pyramide in the Louvre, that so many people that worked there, https://www.cristina-rodriguez.com/exhibitions/la-fete-sous-la-pyramide/CR98-01.php
were so taking by the paintings, they were thrilled with them.
I have been with taxi drivers in Geneva that loved my exhibition https://www.cristina-rodriguez.com/exhibitions/promenades-enchant-es-gen-ve/CR538.php and were so happy when I gave them postcards .
It is not that I feel more inspired by my latin american world. It is more that being part of my latin american world makes me see the world with special eyes. I find this is a huge present from life.
I´m sure I would have had a different perspective if I was born in Iceland or in New Zealand.

Joséphine- Your paintings are joyful and bring hope. Is it a conscious choice or an expression that overwhelms you? And why oil painting?

Cristina- It is a decision and it has been since I began to paint, to show the world that there is always beauty and poetry around even in the most terrible circumstance.

I come from a very violent country . I have always been impressed by the quest for life and for the beauty of those human beings that have been shuttered by violence.
 I have seen in my travels, in many refugee camps, women putting outside their tents a small pot with a flower, at least one flower. I have seen them putting colorful textiles as curtains.
Color brings hope, color brings life, color makes you move out of pain and apathy.
Stories also.
I have seen with dismay in so many art fairs all over the world the way so many artists milk the agony and the pain of so many, just for an applause, just for a cover in a magazine.
Destruction takes a second.Construction takes decades.
Jorge Luis Borges has a beautiful quote that says more or less that he used to find, at least once a day, a moment in paradise.
I think he is so right. A sunset, a sunrise, the song of a bird, there is always something.however small that makes you smile and gives you courage to keep on fighting.
Life is brutal.Life is injust. Pain is for all of us. At the same time, Life is splendid. Life is wonderful.
My work is about giving hope, giving a smile to someone who may be in the shadow, feeling unable to rise from his pain.
I feel that my work is the traces of love I will leave when my spirit departs from my body.
I worked in oil on canvas only because oil is alive ( unlike acrylic )  and I have concentrated on mastering this medium.I´m sure it will take a lifetime.
I see now that my paintings have reached a certain maturity and my way of working with oil also. I feel that freedom is the possibility of choice. I chose oil on linen
a painter and I have concentrated all my efforts in going only through this path. Decision that still now feels right.

Joséphine- You told me that you appreciate French culture and I understand that your experience of this culture has something to do with your collaboration with Oh-joséphine

Cristina- All the females in my family ( my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother ) had a French education and were sent to live in Paris for at least a year before they married.

The way they talked, the way they thought, the books they read, the food they cooked, the music they heard were all based on French education. 
Latinamerica had a great influence from France. The independence from Spain was highly influenced by the French revolution and the great thinkers of the time.
I lived between  Geneva and Paris for a few years with my partner that was French and I always felt very much at home in France. 
Oh-joséphine chose some images of my work from Bridgeman Images and they tagged me once in instagram when they promoted one of my images.
I fell in love immediately with them , with their approach and Didier´s emails always make me happy and make me smile.
I feel very lucky to be part of the marvelous adventure of oh-joséphine.