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Oh joséphine - Phil'Arts

Publié le 2021-07-04 11:36:36

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Oh josephine rummage through...
... and unearths unlikely spaces where art sits.

It is in the heart of a village nestled at the foot of an alpine plateau that she pushed the door of a bright gallery. Named "Phil'Arts" in memory of the sorting center it once housed and to signify that it is dedicated to the love of Art, this space created by the municipality, hosts exhibitions and artistic animations worthy of the cultural places of the big cities. 

Paintings, sculptures, photos, original installations, all forms of art are invited. The staging is brilliantly arranged. If originals of big names like Picaso have been exhibited, local talents rub shoulders with renowned contemporary creators delighted to get closer to audiences who do not always have access to presentations reserved for a few privileged places. 

Artists most often accompany their works and workshops and guided tours delight schoolchildren and visitors who come in increasing numbers to learn or immerse themselves in diverse and scripted universes to magnify the works presented.

Oh joséphine loves the authenticity of the place and the enthusiasm of Claire, curator of the exhibitions and animator of the place who takes you into the history of the artists, their works and the assembly of the exhibition. She gloats by making us discover the work of Chloé Lamy, visual artist presenting here huge aerial paintings and Abraham Rodriguez, whose agile fingers have given birth to colorful dreamlike structures made with recovery material.

The poetry of the creations of the two local artists are happily intertwined in a narrative with Mexican accents.

Oh josephine recommends this colorful trip to the Phil'Arts space, in the town of Fillière - Thorens-Glières!